2022 ACC High Performance Sport Classes – Years 8 to 10

The subject selection process for choosing High Performance is closed. If your son has chosen High Performance as part of his Subject Selections, there is still the opportunity to provide us with further information which will assist us in selecting the classes for 2022.

To locate the link please head to the Sports website, which is located at ParadeCollegeSports/ and copy and paste the Forms link provided.

Listed below are some questions and responses that may assist in the understanding how ACC High Performance is conducted at the College.

How does a student get into an ACC High Performance Class?

When selecting subjects for 2022, students who wish to play either football or soccer must select ACC High Performance – Semester 1 as part of their subject selection.

Students wishing to play either, Basketball, Table Tennis, Hockey, Cricket Tennis or Volleyball must select ACC High Performance Semester 2 as part of their subject selection.

If a student wishes to play a sport in Semester 1 and 2 then they must selection ACC High Performance – Semesters’ 1 and 2.

Please Note – Whilst a student may select to do ACC High Performance Sport, this does not guarantee them a position in the class.

The number of students wishing to be involved in the subject is far greater than the number of positions available and as a consequence, students are selected into the subject based on a combination of some or all of the following criteria;

  • Previous ACC involvement and performance
  • Involvement and performance in regular Physical Education classes
  • General behaviour and ability to demonstrate mutual respect to fellow students and staff
  • Performance at selection trials (indication of intention to tryout – Forms survey filled out)
  • Ability to uphold the school’s discipline and uniform policy
  • Performance in local sporting competitions Selection is completed annually

For 2022 selections further information is available via the Forms survey.

Being involved in an ACC High Performance class at one specific year level does not guarantee selection in the following year. Selection is based on the criteria listed above. This process allows developing students who may have missed selection in one year, an opportunity to be involved in the following year. Students who are not involved in an ACC sport in a current year, but would like to be considered for an ACC team for the following year, must attend ACC Trials as listed above.

Does involvement in an ACC High Performance class guarantee selection into a team?

No. If a student is selected into an ACC High Performance class, then they are part of a specific sporting squad. Selection for all ACC teams will then come from these specific squads. Students who aren’t selected in the final team will be involved in a Physical Education practical class during ACC matches.

What does my son do if he is not in an ACC High Performance Class?

Students not involved in an ACC High Performance Class at Years’ 8 or 9 will be involved in regular Physical Education classes. Student in Year 10 who are not involved in an ACC High Performance class would select another elective. High Performance Classes are also offered at the Preston campus; however, trials are not required. If you have any questions regarding the trials, please don’t hesitate to email Mr Paul Groves on

Article by Mr Paul Groves

Director of High Performance Sport