Parade College is owned by Edmund Rice Education Australia, which is structured as follow:

  • A Council, with responsibility for governance of the schools, ensuring the continuance of the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.
  • A Board, with responsibility for oversight of the administration of EREA schools and educational entities and for developing and monitoring EREA strategic directions.
  • An executive team with responsibilities for implementing EREA policies and strategic directions, and providing a range of services and support to EREA schools.

All schools and educational entities in Australia in the Edmund Rice tradition are bound by a charter of cultural characteristics.

The Role of the College Advisory Council

School Boards work collaboratively with School Principals and with the EREA Executive to ensure faithfulness to the Charter for Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice Tradition and quality stewardship aimed at offering the best possible learning communities for students attending EREA Schools.

The College Advisory Council has particular responsibilities in these areas:

  • Oversight of faithfulness to the Charter and Touchstones
  • Approving submissions to EREA in the following areas:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Budget and annual audited statements
    • Capital works and master planning and oversight of the implementation of these as approved by EREA
  • Approving major school policies that are consistent with EREA policies.
  • Oversight of compliance with EREA Risk Policy and procedures.