The aim of the enrolment policy is to ensure that the College is able to accept the maximum number of suitable applicants within the guidelines promulgated by the Catholic Education Commission. The policy aims at ensuring that the College upholds its standards and ideals while offering the opportunity to new students for a high standard of secondary education.


  • It is the policy of Parade to consider all applications for admission to the College.
  • Parade is not a regional college but gives priority to applications from its designated Priority Parishes in accordance with the guidelines from the Catholic Education Commission.
  • Some priority is given to applicants who have brothers already in the College or whose fathers or brothers are Old Paradians.
  • Some priority is given to families who have special connections with the Christian Brothers and to those who have previously attended a Christian Brothers School.
  • Special consideration is given to families who have attended a Catholic school inter- state or in country Victoria.
  • References / requests from Parish Priests, School Principals / Class Teachers are taken into consideration when selecting enrolments.
  • While preference is given to Catholic families, non-Catholic applications are welcome and a number of non-Catholic applicants are accepted. Preference is given to non-Catholic applicants who have attended a Catholic school for their primary education.
  • In keeping with the tradition of Christian Brothers’ Schools, it is the policy of Parade College to give every consideration to families experiencing genuine financial difficulties.
  • Special Education needs are taken into consideration and assistance is offered to applicants who may require help.
  • Where there are special Pastoral reasons existing, these are duly considered in the enrolment process.


  • An interview will be arranged for the families of all applicants prior to decisions being made. If necessary, a second interview will be conducted.
  • Letters indicating acceptance, placement on a waiting list and non-acceptance are mailed to families on the date prescribed by the Catholic Education Commission.
  • To accept an offer for placement at Parade College, a non-refundable Family Enrolment Contribution (FEC) of $500.00 is payable at the time of acceptance. This Family Enrolment Contribution of $500.00 is paid only once by each family.


Applications for Year 7 2026 students close on August 16 2024. Apply now.