The Altior Gifted and Talented program is an alternate curriculum catered to the highest achieving students in the cohort. It is a challenging academic program that extends and enriches students in the core subject areas of English, Humanities, Science and Mathematics. It is suited to students who are academically able, highly motivated and have excellent work ethic. Students are offered a variety of complex tasks that encourage leadership skills, higher order thinking, resilience and team work, as well as acceleration in certain topics.

Entry to the Year 7 Altior Program is via the application form which is emailed out to all parents whilst their son is still in Grade 6 and will also be posted on the website when open. Selection for the Altior program at Year 7 is based on this application and their results in a selection test.

There is no application process for Altior in year 8 and 9. A comprehensive review of testing data, student academic results and their reports take place and the most suitable students are offered positions in either a English/Humanities and/or Mathematic/Science stream.

Students who are high achievers in their Altior Program subjects in Year 9 will be well-placed when applying to accelerate into available VCE Unit 1 and 2 subjects in Year 10 and VCE Units 3 and 4 in Year 11. There will also be an opportunity for Altior Program Maths-Science students to select the Enhanced Mathematical Methods pathway.

For further information, please contact the Coordinator of the Gifted and Talented Programs at

Applications for the Year 7 Altior Gifted and Talented Program 2024 will open in early 2023.



Year 7 Altior English focuses on expanding student knowledge and understanding of a range of texts, and builds on their appreciation of how to use formal language to construct texts for school and real life purposes. Students learn to conduct formal research and are encouraged to work cooperatively in groups. Students also become actively involved in reflecting, monitoring and evaluating their work and their contribution to group activities.


In Year 7 Altior Mathematics students study Number Skills and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Throughout the year, students are expected to complete a number of Altior Tasks and major Problem-Based Learning Project. Students are given an opportunity to participate in a range of investigations and competitions designed to challenge their understanding and skill application in Mathematics.


Year 7 Altior Science provides an introduction to Science including the use of scientific equipment and the ability to carry out practical experiments. Students are also trained in the safe use of laboratory equipment and to conduct investigations and individual research. The Biology units covers the classification of organisms and their role within ecosystems. Within the Physics unit, students develop an understanding of motion and its impact on everyday objects. Students compete in the Creative Writing category of the Science Talent Search.


In Year 7 Altior Humanities, students are introduced to the study of Geography and History including the relevant methodology for conducting historical investigations. Students study various types of maps and learn the skills needed to read maps, including BOLTSS, compass reading and the understanding of latitude and longitude. They study the various geographic features and environmental issues associated with countries within the Asia-Pacific region. They also undertake investigations of notable persons and significant periods in Ancient History.



Year 8 Altior English focuses on developing metacognition and communication skills. Students explore key aspects of language structures and strategies to extend their Oral and Writing Skills. The Course centres upon the analysis of themes and issues related to the set novels. Students experiment with a variety of writing styles and text types appropriate for different purposes and audiences. They participate in research related to issues of significance in their lives and they contribute to group activities related to deconstruction of novels and other written texts.


Year 8 Altior Maths aims to familiarise students with key mathematical concepts including Number Skills, Pythagoras' Theorem and Geometry, Algebra, Indices, and Further Algebra. Students keep an organised Theory Book and Exercise Workbook. Throughout the program students undertake problem solving and analysis tasks, and regularly use laptops and CAS calculators in order to develop Altior mathematical strategies and skills. There are several Assessment Tasks that evaluate student knowledge of routine and non-routine problems.


In Year 8 Altior Science, students explore the universe and geological processes and factors leading towards the formation of volcanoes, various rock types and the universe. The Chemistry unit investigates the properties of acids and bases, atomic structure and how atomic bonding takes place. The Physics Unit explores light and how light travels through objects. Students complete an eye dissection to apply how light travels through the eye and investigate the link between function of the eye and vision . Students also undertake a Science Talent Search.


Year 8 Altior Humanities comprises a semester of history followed by a semester of geography and commerce. In the first semester unit students develop skills needed for the understanding and appreciation of history. Students develop an understanding of how historians approach the study of history and the methods they use to gain the best understanding of people and societies of the past. Students also study the social, political and economic features of societies during feudal times in Europe and Japan. Students study the religious beliefs and ideas of these societies as they responded to changes brought on by historical events such as the Black Death. Students also complete in-depth research into the social, political, economic or religious beliefs of either European or Japanese Feudal society.

In the second semester unit, students study a term of geography and a term of commerce. In geography they investigate major natural systems, the impact of human activities on the natural environment and the way people respond to change. In commerce, students cover topics that include: aim of business, marketing and advertising techniques, consumer rights, technology in business and basic economic concepts of supply, demand and prices. Students also investigate a business of their choice and develop a plan that outlines the processes of how they might establish their business.



Year 9 Altior English course focuses on further developing students’ oral language and writing skills. Students explore ideas through language and study of a range of literary styles and are introduced to the skills required to undertake the subject of English Literature. Students experiment with a variety of genres and develop experience in writing for different purposes and audiences. They also develop their ability to analyse and evaluate ideas contained in different texts and print and electronic media.


Year 9 Altior Maths Program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to be extended in order to prepare for Senior Mathematics. This Course covers the topics of Number Skills, Algebra, Indices, Measurement and Geometry, Quadratic Expressions and Equations, and Statistics and Probability. Throughout the program, students undertake problem-solving and analysis tasks, and regularly use CAS calculators in order to develop advanced mathematical strategies and skills. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of mathematical competitions including the Australian Mathematics Competition, and the Mathematics Challenge.


In Year 9 Altior Science students are provided with the opportunity to study the Chemical, Physical, Biological and Earth and Space Sciences. In the Chemistry strand, students investigate the chemical reactions and bonding, and the properties of atoms. The Physics Strand covers electricity. In the Biology strand, students study evolution, natural selection and genetics. The Earth and Space sciences covers cosmology, global systems and global warming.


In Year 9 Altior Humanities, students further develop their skills in and appreciation of the study of History including the relevant methodology for conducting historical investigations. In this unit, students will look at the Industrial Revolution and the significant changes and influences of technology from previous periods and highlight the comparison to today’s society. The topics focus on: working conditions in the Industrial Revolution and contrast positive impacts with the rise of unions and protesters. They also undertake new Federal legislation around 1900 and World War I. Students undertake special ‘depth’ studies to further enhance their learning.



Students who have successfully completed Altior Subjects from Years 7‒9 are encouraged to accelerate into a range of different VCE subjects. In addition, students who have completed Altior will generally be given direct entry into the Enhanced Mathematical Methods pathway in Years 10 and 11.

Please note should students choose to apply to accelerate into a VCE study when in Year 10, acceleration is subject to students meeting the selection criteria. The College reserves the right to select which students shall be allowed to accelerate.

For advice on the most appropriate courses to consider, students are encouraged to speak with their Year 9 Altior Subject teachers, The Dean of Learning (Year 7-9) or the Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning.


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