Monthly Statements

The College issues statements via email at the end of every month. Printed copies are only posted in the first week of each term. If you are not receiving your statements please contact Emily Hosking on 9468-3327 immediately.

Charter Bus Fees

Please be advised that at end of term 3 all families who have been charged a charter bus fee will be refunded for the portion of the term on line learning was offered.

Financial Hardship

If you have any questions about your fee statements or are experiencing financial difficulty with meeting your fee obligations please contact Ms Emily Hosking on 9468-3327 or via

Alternatively if you would like to make a confidential appointment with the Business Manager to discuss your situation, please contact the College.

Email Addresses

Please advise us if you change your email address. The College regularly uses email to communicate with parents/ guardians about important matters including fee statements and newsletters.

The provision of regular fee statements is designed to assist families to keep track of their payment plans and act as a reminder for any payments in arrears. Please ensure you advise us of any changes to your email address.

Finance Committee Members

The College Finance Committee is looking for potential members. If you are interested in joining or would like to know more please contact the Business Manager, Mr Paul Harris, on 9468-3309 or via

Article by Mr Paul Harris

Business Manager