At the time of writing, we are awaiting further advice on the General Achievement Test (GAT) which was scheduled for Thursday 12 August.. As soon as there is an announcement from VCAA, we will communicate that to the students and families involved.

More details on the GAT are available at https://

Year 12 Assembly

The Year 12 student body were due to attend an assembly on Wednesday 11 August instructing to highlight two important processes that they need to consider completing.

However, due to the current lockdown, this information will now be presented via a recorded video lecture – details will be made available to students on how to view this, lecture, which is compulsory viewing for students completing their Year 12 this year.

The presentation will cover VTAC applications (for further education in 2022) with the students being shown by Ms Vivian Sipsas (Senior Careers Counsellor) how to complete their application, as well as what things to consider when choosing their possible pathway.

Timely applications are open now and close on 30 September. More information is available at https://

Ms Sipsas also speaks about the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) which assists students who may have experienced hardship or been disadvantaged during the course of their VCE. Applications for SEAS are now open and close on 8 October – the College is able to assist with these applications and more information is available at https://

Article by Mr Paul Fahey

Dean of Learning Years 10 to 12