The Parade College Sport Academy builds on 150 years of sporting heritage. Long enjoying a handsome sporting reputation based on its incredible array of talented alumni, athletes across a vast array of pursuits, over many years.

In developing this program for senior students, Parade College seeks to build on this great heritage in sport, by leveraging the expertise of its staff and use of its start-or-art sport facilities, to develop the potential of its students, and in exploring synergies in partnerships with Universities.

We provide student athletes access to

  • A flexible, supportive and “athlete friendly” academic environment
  • Discipline-based Learning
  • Quality coaching
  • Competition & training opportunities matched to the athlete’s development and potential
  • Sport Science services such as fitness testing, performance analysis, sports psychology and physiotherapy
  • Work Experience and Career Education support and planning
  • A Personal Development program specific to the student athlete

Download the Sport Academy Brochure below

The Sport Academy Program sits in the Certificate of Education and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Programs, as an extension to the Year 7-10 High Performance Sport Program, and when successfully completed, provides articulation into the following University Undergraduate Programs at La Trobe University:

Providing a number of diverse, challenging and rewarding opportunities in the Sport and Recreation industry.

Careers in the Sport and Recreation sector include:

  • The fitness industry (including fitness appraisals and testing, weight control advice and exercise and fitness classes).
  • Outdoor recreation services (bushwalking, camping, horse riding etc).
  • Community recreation services (such as leisure centres, aquatic centres, parks and community recreation venues).
  • Sport and sports services (including sports professionals, sports clubs, trainers, umpires and officials).
  • Business (Sports Management, Marketing, Journalism).


- Availability for Parade College sporting teams and competing to the best of their ability

- Academically completing all requirements and working towards the student athletes full potential

- Understanding and behaving in accordance with the College’s rules and expectations

- Full engagement in Athletic Development Classes

- Selection of High Performance classes at appropriate times in subject selection process

- Understanding and agreeing to the Student Athlete Agreement (in development)


The Sport Academy Program is rigorous and students need to maintain a C+ average in Year 10. Students intending to further their studies at a tertiary institution need to meet the requirements of University Study at the end of the two years. To begin the application process please complete and submit this form no later than Friday July 30th 2021.

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For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact:
Sport Academy Coordinator: 9468 3243
Director of High Performance: 9468 3380