Sport at Parade College provides students with the opportunity to develop the physical, social and emotional aspects of their life. The focus of sport at all levels is to –

1. Promote the pursuit of personal excellence.

2. Develop an awareness, understanding and acceptance of individuals.

3. Be respectful of teammates, officials and fellow competitors.

ACC Sports Program

Parade competes in the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) which consists of a weekly sporting competition and major Sporting Carnivals in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country. ACC matches commence at 1.30pm on the days listed below

  • Years’ 7 & 8         Thursday
  • Years’ 9 & 10       Tuesday
  • Years’ 11 & 12     Wednesday

Each year level has its own competition except for Years’ 11 & 12 which combine to play a one Senior Competition.

Sports at Parade College offers a number of programs which caters for the students varied level of sporting ability and interests. Listed below are the specific sports programs offered at Parade College.

Year 7 ACC Sport Program

Students wishing to represent Parade in the weekly ACC Sporting Competition are selected into teams which competed on a Thursday afternoon during the Year 7 timetabled sports class. Selection trials generally occur in the weeks or months preceding the season. However, whilst Tennis and Cricket played in Term 4, selection trials for these two sports begin on the College’s Open Day held in February and are continued in Term 1 as these sports are ‘in season’ for most students.

Sports offered within the ACC weekly competition include –

  • Term 2 - Australian Rules Football and Soccer
  • Term 3 - Basketball, Table Tennis and Hockey
  • Term 4 - Tennis, Cricket and Volleyball

If selected into a team, training may be held before school, at lunchtime, or after school.

Parade also competes in the 3 ACC Major Championships in 2017. These will be held on the following dates -

  • Swimming – February 24th
  • Athletics – March 29th
  • Cross Country – September 13th

Selection into the Parade team for the above Major Championship are based on trials which are held in the weeks and months preceding the Championships. In addition to the weekly ACC Competition and major Championships, the ACC Sporting competition also offers ‘one day’ events including Golf, Badminton and Lawn Bowls.

Year 7 Intra School Program

Students who aren’t involved in ACC weekly sport will take part in the Year 7 Intra School Sports Program.

Sports offered within this Program may include the following –

Term 2 Volleyball Table Tennis Basketball
Term 3 Football Soccer Tennis Badminton
Term 4 Indoor Cricket Touch Rugby Softball

In addition, Parade endeavours to provide students involved in the Intra School Program an experience similar to the ACC Sports Program by investigates the option of competing against schools who can accommodate additional teams.

The Sports Academy Program

This program is designed to cater for the elite sportsmen within the College. The 2017 program focuses on the following sports – Cricket, Athletics, AFL, Soccer and Table Tennis with additional sports including Basketball and Tennis currently under investigation. Elite external coaches will work with a selected group of students for 5 - 1 to 1 ½ half hour sessions prior to a specific ACC season to develop skill and provide specific focus for the upcoming ACC season. Selection into this program is at the discretion of the Director of High Performance Sport in consultation with ACC Coaches and is funded by the College. Whilst this program is available to all Year Levels in the College, the general focus is on students from Years’ 7 and 8. Some of the coaches for the 2017 program include the following –

AFL – Mr Ricky Dyson (Old Paradian)

Ricky played for the Northern Knights in the TAC competition and was pick 44 in the AFL Draft in 2003. He played 114 AFL games for the Essendon Football Club (2004 – 2012) where he spent most of his time in the midfield. Since leaving Essendon, Ricky has played for Bundoora in the NFL and is their Senior Coach for 2017.

Athletics – Mr Gary Honey (Old Paradian)

Gary was Australian Long Jump Champion from 1978 to 1989. He competed in 3 Olympic Games from 1980 to 1988, winning a Silver Medal in the 1984 Olympic Games and Captaining the Australian Olympic Athletics Team in 1988. Gary also competed in 2 Commonwealth Games winning two Gold Medals and jumping 8.13m in 1982 to record a Games Record. In 2000 Gary was inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

Cricket – Mr Dulip Liyanage

Dulip represented Sri Lanka in 9 Test Matches, 16 One Day Internationals and 123 First Class Matches in an international career of 13 years from 1990 to 2003. He is a left-handed batsman and a right-arm medium-fast bowler. Dulip made his Test debut at the age of 19 years against Australia in Colombo in 1992 – 1993, and after taking the wicket of Tom Moody with his third ball, he went on to claim the wickets of Alan Border and David Boon. Since retiring from International cricket and moving to Australia in 2006, Dulip has coached for Cricket Victoria, Carey Baptist Grammar School and a number of local Senior Cricket Clubs.

Soccer – Mr Massimo Murdocca (Old Paradian)

Massimo played a total of 206 games in the Australian A League from 2005 to 2015. In that time, he played 162 games for the Brisbane Roar from 2005 to 2013, including being a member of their 2010-2011 Championship team. At the conclusion of the 2012-2013 season, Massimo played another 44 games for Melbourne City from 2013 to 2015. He also represented Australia in the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championships.

Table Tennis – Mrs Jian Fang Lay

Jian has competed in the last five Olympic and Commonwealth Games culminating in 4 four silver and 3 bronze medals. She is currently the number one ranked female Table Tennis player in Australia winning the National Championships and the ITTF – Oceania Cup Singles Championship. This Sports Academy Program is generally held on a Monday after school between 3.45 to 5.15pm.

Sport Development Program

Students who aren’t selected into ACC Team have the opportunity to develop their skills through the Sport Development Program. This program is held on a Monday or Friday after school and operates from 3.30 to 4.45pm for 4 consecutive weeks per sport. This program is conducted by the Director of High Performance Sport and is available to all students who would like to improve their level of skill in the sports listed below. Students are more than welcome to attend more than one specific sport and should see the Director of High Performance Sport for more details. The aim of this program is to develop skills, increase game awareness and improving the chances for ACC selection. Listed below is an outline of the Sports Development Program for 2016.

Term 2 - Weeks 2 to 5 AFL Weeks 6 to 9 Soccer
Term 3 – Weeks 2 to 5 Table Tennis Weeks 6 to 9 Basketball
Term 4 – Weeks 2 to 5 Tennis Weeks 6 to 9 Cricket

Years 8 to 10 ACC High Performance Sport Program

In conjunction with the ACC Sports Program, the ACC High Performance Sports Program allows students in Years’ 8 to 10 to train and play ACC Sport as part of their overall timetable. To be involved in ACC Sport in Years’ 8, 9 and 10, students are selected to be part of an ACC High Performance Class. Selection into this class relates specifically to ACC sports and is a semester subject. If selected, students have the option of doing ACC High Performance in either Semester 1 and 2 or both. Listed below are some questions and responses that may assist in the understanding how ACC High Performance is conducted at the College.

How does my son get into an ACC High Performance Class?

To be selected into an ACC High Performance Class, students must firstly elect to do the subject ACC High Performance. During the subject selection process (begins in August for the following year), your son must elect the subject ACC High Performance. If he wishes to be considered for Australian Rules Football or Soccer, then he must select ACC High Performance – Semester 1. If he wishes to be considered for any of the following sports – Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball and or Tennis, then he must select ACC High Performance – Semester 2. Students can select to do ACC High Performance – Semester 1 & 2. Selecting ACC High Performance doesn’t guarantee a position in a class. Selection into an ACC High Performance is at the discretion of the Director of High Performance Sport in consultation with ACC Coaches.

How are students selected into an ACC High Performance class?

Selection is based on a combination of some or all of the following criteria;

  • • Previous ACC involvement and performance at Year 7.
  • • Involvement and performance in regular Physical Education Classes.
  • • General Behaviour and ability to demonstrate mutual respect to fellow students and staff.
  • • Performance at selection trials.
  • • Ability to uphold the school’s discipline and uniform policy
  • • Performance in local sporting competitions.

Selection is completed annually.

Being involved in an ACC High Performance class at one specific year level does not guarantee selection in the following year. Selection is based on the criteria listed above. This process allows developing students who may have missed selection in one year, an opportunity to be involved in the following year. Students who are not involved in an ACC Sport in a current year, but would like to be considered for an ACC team for the following year, must attend ACC Trials which occur throughout term 2 and 3 of the current year. Students who play in a specific team in Year 7 and want to be involved in that sport in Year 8 aren’t required to attend the trials as their involvement in ACC games in Year 7 acts as trials for Year 8. However, if a student wishing to be involved in an ACC Sport in Year 8, but didn’t play that ACC Sport in Year 7, then he must attend the trials for that specific sport. Trial dates are listed in the College Newsletter and the Parade Sports website early in Term 2.

Does involvement in an ACC High Performance class guarantee selection into a team?

No. If a student is selected into an ACC High Performance class, then they are part of a specific sporting squad. Selection for all ACC teams will then come from these specific squads. Students who aren’t selected in the final team will be involved in a Physical Education practical class during ACC matches.

What does my son do if he is not in an ACC High Performance Class?

Student is not involved in an ACC High Performance Class at Years’ 8 or 9 will be involved in regular Physical Education classes. Student in Year 10 who are not involved in an ACC High Performance class would select another elective.

  • Rugby Union
  • Victorian All Schools Athletics, Swimming & Cross Country
  • Cycling
  • Clay Target Shooting
  • Triathlon
  • Gymnastics

The extent of the Extra-curricular Program is dependent on the interests of students. The College looks to support the pursuits of students in all sports, and as such, welcomes students’ willingness to involve themselves in activities outside the traditional mainstream sports. A role of the Director for High Performance Sport is to provide students with avenues for involvement.

Extra-curricular Sporting Program

In addition to Parade’s involvement in the ACC Sporting Program, students are provided with the opportunity to involvement themselves in the Extra-curricular Sporting Program. Sports currently offered within this program include –