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The Yarra Valley Schoolboys Clay Target Shooting will be held at the Melbourne Clay Target Club on Thursday May 2nd. The Championships are not for beginners and all participants must have their own firearm and licence. If you would like your son to compete, then the following must occur –
• Complete the Simon Form and provide a copy of your son’s firearm licence to Mr Gaut by Monday April 29th. The Simon form will be emailed to you on Tuesday April 23rd.
• On the day of the Championships, you will be required to bring your son to school (with his firearm, firearm licence & Ear protection) and meet Mr Gaut in the Visitors carpark at the Bundoora Campus by 7.15am. There is no need to bring ammunition as this will be provided by the Melbourne Clay Target Club on the day of the event. Firearms must be brought in the carrying case.
• Collect your son from Parade College at approximately 3.30pm
Parents have the option of transporting their son to and from the venue and those wishing to do so should notify Mr Gaut in Week One of Term Two. If you choose this option, then you should be at the Melbourne Clay Target Club by 8.30am.
Students wishing to be involved must see Mr Gaut in E44 during the first week of Term 2.


The Northern Football League is conducting an AFL Umpiring Academy which takes place at the Bundoora Campus on a Monday afternoon from 3.30 to 4.30pm. Students involved are to meet on Bunjil Park and training commence on Monday April 29th. Old Pardian and former AFL Umpire, Martin Ellis is the Head Coach of the program.


The 2019 ACC Athletic Championships were held at the Lakeside Stadium on Wednesday March 27th. After 7 weeks of training the Parade team were keen to test themselves against the other ACC schools. Under ideal conditions, early consistent performances both on the ‘track’ and in the ‘field’ saw the Parade team take an 18 point lead. The evenness of the competition saw this margin fluctuate slightly throughout the day, with St. Bernards, St. Josephs Geelong and Whitefriars all hot in pursuit. The Parade team responded to all challenges and took a 30 point lead into the final relay events. The U/13 Relay was the first of 7 relay events, and with the Parade team executing excellent ‘changeovers’, convincingly won the event. The poise shown by the 4 Year 7 boys set the tone for the other relay teams. The consistent performance which was so evident throughout the day continued in the remaining 6 relay events, which resulted in Parade winning a third consecutive Division One ACC Athletic Championships. Whilst Parade’s success was the result of an outstanding team performance, listed below are the students who won an ACC Athletic event.

Aaron Doyle (Yr.7 L12) – 800m, 4 x 100m relay
Lachlan Reynolds(Yr.7 B20) – 400m, 4 x100m relay
Dylan Costantin (Yr.7 L16) & Samuel Ordonez (Yr.7 L15) – 4 x 100m relay
River Walker (Yr. 7 T16) – Shot Put & Discus
Joshua Carelli (Yr.8 T15) – Long Jump & Triple Jump
Zyon Iosefo (Yr.8 L19) – Long Jump
Jayden Carroll (Yr.9 T21) – 100m Hurdles
Jarred Deodato (Yr.9 B13) – Shot Put
Nicholas Zisis (Yr. 9 T16) – High Jump


Yaya Dukuly (Yr.11 L05) – 100m, 200m, Long Jump, 4 x 100m relay
Liam Doherty (Yr.10 H03) – Shot Put
Ethan Xerri (Yr.10 – H09 ), Raphael Borges Rodrigues (Yr.10 L02) & Warren Tuyau (Yr.10 L03) 4x100m relay
Andrew Howe (Yr. 12 Y03) – 110m Hurdles, 100m & 200m
Ben Major (Yr.11 L08) – Triple Jump & Discus
Rainier Pezzin (Yr.11 T04) – 800m
Michael Manteaw (Yr.12 T02) – 110m Hurdles

Overall Results
Junior Division – Parade 1st
Intermediate Division – Parade 1st
Senior Division – Parade 3rd
Overall – 1st Parade 325 points 2nd Whitefriars 292 points 3rd St. Joseph’s Geelong 288 points
Finally, I’d like to thank the following staff and coaches for their support and commitment to the team – Mr Ben Turner (Sport Coordinator – Bundoora Campus), Mr Paul Watson (Sport Convenor – Preston Campus), Mr Oscar Kenda (Head Coach), Mr Gary Warren (Throws Coach), Mr Gary Honey (Long & Triple Jump Coach), Mr Terry Knape (High Jump Coach) and Sport Trainees Mr Adrian Vella & Mr Nicholas O’Kearney.


A team of 33 Parade students headed to MSAC on Friday February 22nd to compete in the 2019 ACC Swimming Championships. The swimmers had trained hard and were looking for a good team performance and the possibility of achieving a number of personal best times. The camaraderie amongst the team was excellent with genuine support being demonstrated for all swimmers. Whilst it was a great team effort throughout the night, listed below are students who won individual ACC events.
Makaio De Thomasis (Year 8, T15) 14 Years - 50m Freestyle 27.57 & 50m Butterfly 33.08
Jayden Carr (Year 11, H05) 17 Years – 50m Freestyle 25.29, Butterfly 26.50 (ACC Record) & 50m Backstroke 29.47
Flynn McMahon (Year 12, T04) Senior – 50m Freestyle 24.00 (ACC Record) & 50m Butterfly 26.67 (ACC Record)
From a team perspective, Parade finished a creditable 6th on the night to remain in Division One for 2020. Congratulations to all swimmers on not only their efforts in the pool, but also in the manner in which they conducted themselves throughout the night. Thanks also to the parents and Parade staff who were able to support the team on the night and a finally acknowledgement of Mrs. Erin Forte, Mr John Cornish (Swimming Coaches), Mr Ben Turner (Sports Coordinator - Bundoora Campus), Mr Paul Watson (Sport Convenor – Preston Campus), Mr Nicholas O’Kearney and Adrian Vella (Sport Trainees who assisted with training and were officials on the night.


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