Year 10

Students entering Year 10 embark on a preparation for Years 11 and 12.

You will notice that Parade College endeavours to offer a wide choice of units, however, it must be stressed that final offerings will, of course, depend on student numbers and availability of both staff and resources. Although the courses are correct at the time of posting, it should be understood that courses are revised on a systematic basis and some of these details will, from time to time, undergo revision. Please also note that all courses (including core subjects) are semester-based and will not necessarily have the same student cohort or teacher for subjects that run for two semesters. Except for compelling cases, once timetabled, students in Years 7-10 are not able to make changes to their elective subjects. Finding a subject no longer enjoyable or discovering it to be more challenging than expected are not considered compelling reasons for making changes to elective subjects. In such situations, it is preferable that students and their parents work with their son’s teacher to support them through their learning.

Year 10 Pathways

At the end of Year 10 students will elect to choose either Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) studies or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) studies for their Years 11 and 12. If you have any questions relating to the Year 10 Curriculum which this website does not address, please do not hesitate to contact the Assistant Principal Teaching & Learning or the Dean of Learning (Years 10-12) at the College.

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Year 10 Curriculum Pathway

Year 10 students study a core consisting of:

  • Religious Education x 2 Units
  • English x 2 Units
  • Mathematics x 2 Units (from a range of electives)
  • Science 2 Units* (from a range of electives)
  • History x 1 Unit
  • Careers x 1 Unit (incorporating work experience)

NB. Altior Program (Maths/Science) students must choose other Science electives instead of Science Combined.

Year 10 students study 5 other Units (15 units in total), some of which must be chosen from specific Learning Areas.

Religion 1 English 1 Maths 1 Science 1 Careers
Religion 2 English 2 Maths 2 Science 2
or Free Choice 6
1 x Humanities
Free Choice 1 Free Choice 2 Free Choice 3 Free Choice 4 Free Choice 5

NB: All students (see exception below *) must complete a minimum of two, and a maximum of four semesters of Science in Year 10.
* Food Studies is considered an elective and does not contribute to the minimum of two and maximum of four Science subjects required to continue to VCE Science studies.
* Students who select Science Combined are choosing to complete this subject as their only Year 10 Science subject. Students who elect to complete Science Combined are not permitted to study a Science subject in years 11 or 12.
* Students who were enrolled in Year 9 Altior (Maths & Science) should not enrol in Science Combined.

NB: Students may not choose more than 4 units of Science
NB: Students may not choose more than 2 units of Health and Physical Education
NB: Students may not choose more than 3 units from The Arts, unless through written application to the Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning. This application must show the student intends to study the chosen subjects at VCE level.
NB: Students may not choose more than 3 units from Technology, unless through written application to the Assistant Principal, Teaching and Learning. This application must show the student intends to study the chosen subjects at VCE level.

Students participate in sport throughout the year. Those who compete in ACC sport do so on a Tuesday afternoon.

Accelerated Studies

Parade College supports highly able students undertaking Year 10 to accelerate into a VCE Units 1 & 2 subject. Apart from English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects, students may select from any of the Parade offerings, subject to approval and availability of places. Students may only select one subject for acceleration. Students would normally be expected to achieve results of A-grade (Year 10) or higher in all assessment tasks for the most relevant subject studied in Year 9 and a B-grade or higher in all other non-related core subjects. All students will be completing Unit 1 & 2 In their choice of Religious Education subject as part of their Year 10 studies, subsequently this is not considered as “acceleration.”

Students who have successfully completed the Year 9 Altior courses may apply for acceleration into VCE Units 1 & 2 courses in Year 10 (excluding English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics).

The purpose of the acceleration program is to offer students the chance to maximise their options by studying six Unit 3 & 4 sequences over two years. It must be understood that regardless of the program of study undertaken in Year 11, all Year 12 students must normally select and complete five Unit 3 & 4 subjects in Year 12 unless they undertake a pathway which requires them to spend significant time out of school.

Please note, the College reserves the right to select which students shall be allowed to accelerate.

Edmund Rice Pathways Program (ERPP)

Year 10

Parade College offers its students a specialised vocationally based ‘hands on’ learning program to selected and identified Year 10 students.

Students who access this program are excluded from a subject selection for VCE and typically continue into the College’s VCAL program.

The program operates out of our Preston campus. Students have 3 days per week accessing its Pathways curriculum and on the other two days access Vocational Education and Training (VET) at the Edmund Rice Trade Training Centre.

The program has four opportunities for work experience throughout the year. This program provides students with a valuable insight into the world of work and also develops student’s employability skills and experiences. Additionally as a part of our Pathways Religious Education students access a significant amount of community service.

The program has a limited number of places for students at Year 10. 

For further information regarding Edmund Rice Pathways program, please contact our Director of Pathways Education..

ERPP Course Structure

Students undertake the following subjects over the 3 days:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Community Action based Religious Education
  • Work Education/Vocational Preparation
  • VET Certificate III Sport & Recreation (some units)

Over the other 2 days of the week:

  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Carpentry) plus either
  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Bricklaying) or
  • Certificate II Furniture Making Pathways

Edmund Rice Trade and Training Centre (ERTTC)

The Edmund Rice Trade and Training Centre offers training in a variety of building-related Vocational and Educational Training (VET) programs. There will be limited availability for Year 10 students - both mainstream and ERPP - to apply for up to two of the following VET courses:

  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Bricklaying)
  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Floor and Wall Tiling)
  • Certificate II Building and Construction (Carpentry)
  • Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways
  • Certificate ll in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre Vocational)
Year 10

Please note that a single course occupies two free choices of a Year 10 subject selection grid. Students accessing VET offerings are required to pay a VET levy (per course).

All VET courses at the ERTTC will run from either 7.30am - 11am or 1.30pm - 5.30pm.

Due to timetabling issues, Year 10 students may only undertake one VET course in a Year 10 program, as many of the courses will run concurrently.

VET Studies in VCE

Most of the VET studies ask students to undertake Units in Year 10 that are necessary for the completion of their certificate. Please read the information in the relevant Learning Area carefully.

Students preparing to undertake Hospitality, Furnishings, Community Recreation or Sound Production should select the relevant Year 10 unit in Year 10. EACH UNIT MAY BE TAKEN ONLY ONCE.